Personal Stories

This resource is available in Kirindi with English subtitles and three other languages. To view the resources please click the buttons below. The resource will open in a new tab.

Author: Amparo Advocacy
Language: Kirindi / Rundi
Type of resource: Videos
About this resource: AMPARO Advocacy have developed videos with community member showcasing how support services have improved their lives in Australia.

The videos are available in Kirundi, Burmese, Swahili and Persian with English subtitles.

Jacqueline and Nasibu are from Burundi, and live in Brisbane with their six children. In this video they speak in Kirundi, their first language, about Claude’s needs for support and assistance to live a good life. Claude and his family's Story - Kirundi
Hoe Say and his family are of Burmese ethnicity and have lived in Australia for the past seven years. In this video Hoe Say and his mother Ye Kyaw speak about their journey and their hopes for the future. Hoe Say's Story - Burmese
Esperance leads a full and active life in Brisbane with her family and is involved in many community activities. She discusses her life growing up in Congo with polio, how she settled in Australia and her plans and hopes for the future. Esperance's Story - Swahili
Shahram is from Iran and has a vision impairment, he discusses how he has overcome obstacles and barriers to successfully study and work in Brisbane, Australia. Shahram's Story - Persian
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